It’s springtime and it’s time to be rid of the dust bunnies! Spring Cleaning is a fantastic way to renew energy in your home. DFW Cleaning Task Force, located in Burleson, Texas, has professionals that will clear out the cobwebs and have everything sparkling in no time! 

We offer both Residential and Commercial cleaning services. So, no matter if it’s your home, guest house, or business that needs a good scrub you can count on DFW Cleaning Task Force! Maid services can save you precious time and help you keep your home or business cleaner than it would have been otherwise. We are a licensed company that provides quality cleaning services. Our professionals are insured and are required to follow all recommended safety procedures.  

Great Spring Cleaning Services: 

The Kitchen area can be one of the biggest challenges to keep clean. However, getting rid of some of those unnecessary items could help! Check out these 20 Things to Declutter from the Kitchen to kick start your spring cleaning today!

Hiring a maid service may feel like a challenge at first. Trust must be established in order for anyone to feel comfortable with people coming into their personal space. DFW Cleaning Task Force completes a thorough background check on all of our employees. You can rest assured that all of our professionals are qualified and experienced to take care of all your specific cleaning needs. Our team will always respect and treat your home like their own.  

Summertime is the time when school is out and families travel. If you are expecting guests to arrive and visit your home this summer here’s How to Get Your Home Ready for Guests. These tips along with DFW Cleaning Task Force’s fantastic services will have you ready to entertain all summer long!

Spring cleaning can be made a little lighter next season by establishing a regular cleaning schedule with DFW Cleaning Task Force. You can choose Daily, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, One-Time, or a Custom Schedule for your specific cleaning needs. Once you get on a schedule that works best for you then you will look forward to the days you know our maids have worked their magic. Ask us about Packages that may work better than a regular schedule for you.  

All of our services extend to the Commercial side of things too. Commercial services we offer are Office, Restroom, Break Room, Kitchen, Window, and Warehouse. We will have your place of business ready for each work week. Did you know there are studies that show that a clean work environment can improve employee health? Also, regular cleaning can help to prevent excessive wear and tear on floors/surfaces and can extend the lifespan of them. Businesses can benefit a great deal from using DFW Cleaning Task Force for cleaning services. 

Contact us today and let us take a load off. DFW Cleaning Task Force will have your place shining like a new penny, and it won’t break the bank.