Rug Doctor Rental

Are your carpets ready for your guests? DFW Cleaning Task Force has a Rug Doctor Rental to help get your carpets looking brand new again! We are located in Burleson, Texas and we can provide all your cleaning needs.  

The Rug Doctor is a tried and true machine that has been around since 1972. That kind of longevity means it works! You’ll be able to get those old stains out of your carpets in no time. Whether you are preparing for holiday guests or just doing some spring cleaning you can’t go wrong with a Rug Doctor! 

This machine will help get any allergens, dirt, pet dander, odors and more from your carpets. What does that mean for you and your family? It means you get to literally breathe easier. By taking as many of those pollutants out of your home you are providing a healthier environment.  

Get your Rug Doctor before a holiday, party or event to have your home looking and smelling great! A lot of customers prefer to rent this machine before the holidays so their guests can enjoy sitting on the nice fresh carpet. Of course, clean carpet is great for everyone all year round! 

The Rug Doctor has a 28-foot cord allowing you to move from room to room with ease. There will be no need to unplug and plug repeatedly. This machine also removes more water after cleansing than other machines which means that your carpets will dry much quicker. You’ll be able to get back to everyday life sooner than with other carpet cleaning rentals! 

Once you’ve cleaned your carpets you may want to ask us about some of our own cleaning services. We would love to help keep your home beautiful and healthy. We offer services for both Residential and Commercial cleaning.  

Contact us today and reserve your Rug Doctor Rental.