Remove Any Sort of Stain From Carpet

Carpet on your floor gets prone to dirt, dust and spills very often. In order to clean these stains from them you do not have to depend upon any professional company as we can provide you methods for doing this by your own. So read this article carefully and be benefited with these simple and effective remedies.

  • Cleaning Fat, Oil and Wax:  For this you have to place a paper towel over the stain of wax or fat or oil and iron the paper with warm settings. By doing so the stain will get absorbed by the paper and it will be rescued from the fibers of the carpet.
  • Cleaning Cigarette Burns: To remove cigarette burns you can gently rub the surface with knife to loosen the burns.
  • Cleaning Glue: Removing glue stains from the carpet can be messy. For removing them you have to dampen a cotton ball in a rubbing alcohol then gently wipe the glue stain in circular motion with it. Continue doing this till the stain is completely removed.
  • Cleaning Gum and Wax: With the help of ice, freeze the stain so that the stain can be easily removed. Then with the help of spoon, scratch the gum or wax from the carpet surface. Do not scratch it too harshly as it can also damage carpet fibers.  Then with the help of dampened cloth wipe the stained area to remove the remaining bits completely.
  • Cleaning Nail Polish: Whenever your carpet experience a nail polish stain, blot it immediately using paper towel so that the excess can be soaked. Then dip a cotton ball in a nail polish remover solution and wipe the stain in circular motion.
  • Cleaning Urine Stain: If your carpet has been spoiled due to pet urine spill then the first thing you should do is to soak excess with the help of white towel. Then prepare a solution of half vinegar and half water and blot the urine stain with it. Then clean the stain with bleach free detergent and warm water. To remove soapy solution from the carpet, rinse the cleaned area with clean water.

Aren’t these methods simple and easy to perform? It also does not involve any huge investment in commercial products. So go ahead and take up these steps without any expert supervision and usage of harsh chemical and bleaching agents. You’ll be able to remove any sort of stain from carpet.

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