Post-relocation Cleaning Guidelines

So you have organized and executed your move. You are finally in your new place getting ready to unpack. However, before you start unloading your whole life into your new home, it might be time to deep clean your new space. You won’t quite be able to give yourself a fresh start if your environment is not entirely spotless. Cleaning your new house or apartment thoroughly will also give you the opportunity to really get to know the place. You’ll be able to notice any tiny fixes or improvements it might need. However, if you are unsure where to start, these post-relocation cleaning guidelines will help you.

Post-relocation Cleaning Guidelines

Before the move

As there are many different items to take care of before and during the move, you might feel tempted to forgo cleanliness until you move into your new place. Packing everything as-is is not really a great idea. Firstly, certain items can get ruined if they are not clean or completely dry. In some cases, you might be putting some of your belongings into storage. Ensuring these are clean, dry and properly packed will be of utmost importance. Furthermore, if you ensure everything is clean as you are packing, unpacking will be much easier for you. If you find a moving company like Small World Moving Texas that will take care of most of the move for you, ensuring your belongings are all clean will be an easily-handled task.

How to clean a new home

Before you can think about how to clean your apartment like a pro, you need to make sure you have the right supplies. Some of the basics you’ll need are pairs of rubber gloves and some old pieces of clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. Depending on the surface, you’ll need sponges, cloths and scrubbers, as well as a broom or vacuum for the floors. After vacuuming, you’ll want to mop the floors as well. You’ll need a mop and a bucket, as well as special cleaning products. You want to leave unpacking until the very end, but you may need some things or pieces of furniture while you clean. For example, a chair will be of great help when you are dusting high or out-of-the-way spots.

Post-relocation Cleaning Guidelines

Post-relocation cleaning guidelines

Bathroom and kitchen

The first two items on the ultimate moving house cleaning checklist should be cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen. The bathroom takes natural precedent as it is probably the first thing you’ll need to use once in your new place and you’ll also be using it while you are cleaning. One of the basic rules for cleaning in general is always starting from the top. You should dust or vacuum all of the corners of the room, as well as clean any vents, fans and lights. Next are windowsills and windows. Another basic rule is keeping windows open if possible as that will help air out the space. All of these tips apply to the kitchen, too.

Once you are done dusting, you want to carefully clean all of the tabletops, cabinets, and closets. Once clean, you may want to line drawers or shelves for future use. After this comes scrubbing of all of the other elements in both spaces. The main difference in the post-relocation cleaning guidelines for bathrooms and kitchens is the strength of the cleaning supplies. Use rubber cloves to protect yourself from the strong cleaning products used in the bathroom. In the kitchen, use another set of gloves and make sure the cleaning product isn’t too strong as you’ll use these elements for making food. Once this is done, mop the floors thoroughly. However, as you will be moving from room to room, you can leave the mopping as the final thing you do in the day.

Non-toxic kitchen cleaners

Knowing how to make some simple non-toxic cleaners from some pantry basics should rank high on your cleaning checklist. White vinegar, baking soda and corn starch are among those kitchen staples that can actually help when cleaning. For example, mixing white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, corn starch, and water in a spray bottle makes for great glass cleaner. You can find other recipes online and they can be of great help when cleaning.

Other rooms

As with the kitchen and the bathroom, start at the top. Vacuum the corners, if your apartment is furnished, dust the tops of cabinets, shelves or wardrobes. Next are the windows on which you can use your organic glass cleaner. As this is your first time cleaning the apartment, you want to clean the whole window frames, not just the glass, though.

When it comes to floors, one of the main post-relocation cleaning guidelines is sweeping or vacuuming them first. This will get rid of any larger debris and make it easier to mop it afterwards. Obviously, different types of floors require different types of cleaning product. If you are moving into a house with carpeting, it might be a good idea to find professional help to deep clean your carpets. You can mop the tiles with a mixture of white vinegar, water, and dish soap and this will eliminate any odor. When it comes to wood, your best bet would be to go for specific cleaning products for wood floors that will keep them clean and shiny.

Post-relocation Cleaning Guidelines

To conclude

The above post-relocation cleaning guidelines are all fairly straightforward. The main thing you want to be careful with is putting off cleaning your entire place. You won’t be able to relax fully until you’re sure you’ve done away with all remnants of the previous owners. Put on a little bit of music or ask friends or family members to help you out, and you will have moved into a clean home in no time.