If you are concerned about your dingy patio door and want to clean it effectively then this article is especially for you. Patio doors generally get affected more as compared to other indoor doors. This is due to the reason that they get exposed to sunlight and dust more often than other doors. Patio doors become more contaminated if you have ever arranged a barbeque party at your patio and you were opening the door while cooking food. We will here give you the simple and effective method through which you can cleanup doors of your patio. Follow the below mentioned instructions carefully and be benefited from them.

Have a Look in your cupboard for solution

There must be many things in your cupboard which can be effectively used for cleaning your patio doors. Vinegar, baking soda and lemon are some common items easily found in every household. Fill an empty spray bottle with hot water and vinegar taken in equal quantities and then spray it on the knob and locks of patio door. Take a dampened sponge and rub these areas till the stains are completely removed from them. You can also apply the paste of lemon juice and baking soda to remove oiliness from knobs, locks and handles of the door.

If you have wooden doors in your patio, then they can be cleaned as well. Being excessively exposed to dirt and dust, they tend to lose their original color before time. To bring back the look and color of the doors you have to prepare a solution of 1 bucket of water in which 2 cups of baking soda and 4 cups of vinegar is to be added. Mix the solution till the baking soda gets completely dissolved in water and then dip a sponge in this solution. Rinse it to remove excess solution and take up the cleaning of doors, including corners so that the dirt can be removed completely from them.

For drying them, you can simply turn on the fans else it can also be left to be dried naturally. For keeping knob dust free remember to clean it once in a week with dampened cloth. Here we have given you an easier way to take care of patio doors of your property. If you think that your door requires more extensive cleaning then you can also take up professional cleaning services from us.

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