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Natural substitute is a much safer alternative to harmful chemicals.  You must not have thought of lemon juice as a substitute of bleach, but this is true. Lemon being citrus has acidic property which can clean any area and leave it clear and brighter. Till now you would have heard only of baking soda and vinegar as the most important natural cleaning agents, but lemon juice too is very effective for taking up house cleaning activities. Stop relying on harsh chemical based products and bleaching solutions as lemon can be a better substitutes of these. Lemon can be easily found in every home. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on purchasing them and also they do not possess any harm to your health and to our environment. Let us tell you how you can use lemon for resolving your problems.

  • Carpet Cleaning: For cleaning stain from your carpet and to maintain its color and brightness, prepare a solution of warm water, lemon juice and vinegar and pre-treat the stain and other surfaces of carpet with it. Let the solution get soaked in carpet for 20 minutes, and then you can clean your carpet with shampoo and water. This will give your carpet bleach like cleaning effects.
  • Glass Cleaning: Lemon juice can also be used for cleaning oil and dirt from the glasses of windows. Simply mix equal quantities of lemon juice and warm water and fill this solution in a spraying bottle. Spray this solution on the glasses of windows and leave it for 10 minutes. Then clean it off using dampened sponge for clear window view.
  • Brass Cleaning: Metal items made up of brass can also experience stains and spots which make them look older and depleted. In order to remove them you can prepare a paste of lemon juice and baking soda and apply it all over the brass item. Rub the surface of item with abrasive sponge so that lemon juice can react towards rigid stains and then rinse an object with clean water.
  • Dish Cleaning: Dirty and oily dishes in your kitchen can be effectively cleaned using lemon juice and dish washing liquid. Lemon juice helps in cutting down the thick film of oil from the dish and makes it look brighter and disinfected.

Isn’t it amazing to have complete solutions in one single item? Do try these methods at your home as you will surely thank us for this information.

Lemon is a Natural Substitute for Bleach

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