Laundry Services

Is your Laundry piling up on you? Let DFW Cleaning Task force of Burleson, Texas help with Laundry service. This service is available only alongside our cleaning services. Our crew can get your laundry all done up while they clean your home! 

Laundry Services: 

  • Wash 
  • Dry 
  • Air Dry 
  • Ironing 
  • Stain Removal 

Click here to see our monthly cleaning services and add laundry to that service! 

We understand that life gets busy and sometimes that “to do” list is a mile long! Let DFW Cleaning Task Force take care of a few items for you, like laundry! You will feel spoiled having clean, folded and hung up clothes without lifting a finger! If you are specific in how you prefer something done just let us know. We will make notation so that each time you use our services it will be done to your liking! 

Have you looked inside your oven lately? Ask us about our Oven Cleaning service. Let us take care of that for you while we are cleaning your home and doing laundry. We can do it all! You’ll come home and be able to relax.  

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