House Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Service

Looking for house cleaning services? You have options in individuals and establishments in Burleson, TX. While this provides homeowners with many options, this also makes choosing a cleaner difficult and sometimes, even overwhelming. The many options open up loopholes for unscrupulous people. Companies who are out to rip off homeowners and other clients are out there.

Out of all the independent cleaners and companies in this state, many have no cleaning experience. They may not even have expertise insurance or even the licenses to operate. Furthermore, some registered house cleaning services subcontract work to contractors who may not have any insurance.

In truth, not all house cleaning services are the same. It is therefore very important to take time to do a little research when looking for one. This may take some time but you want to find a professional you can trust and rely on. If you are looking for one, below are some of the factors you should consider.

Licensing and Insurance

Before hiring a house cleaning service, make sure that it is licensed to operate in this state and that it fully insured. Ask to see prove of licensing and request the cleaning company to have their insurance provider mail you a copy of their insurance certificate. If you notice any hesitation, continue with your search.

Price Quotes

Get estimates from a few house cleaning services and make sure to ask them how they set their rates. This will help you find out what is fair in the industry. While it is always good to compare price quotes, this should not really be a main consideration as what most companies charge almost within the same range.

However, avoid anyone who offers you a price quote that is unreasonably lower than what other services are offering. Such services usually use the low prices to lure unsuspecting clients but in the end, they have hidden costs and hardly deliver quality services. You could end up paying so much more than the initial estimate.

House Cleaning Service

Workers Compensation

Make sure that the house cleaning service you hire actually has their own employees and that they are not outsourcing orders to contractors. This is because a company that has its own employees provides workers compensation and in the event that an employee gets injured in your premises, you won’t be held liable for medical bills. Contractors may or may not have insurance and you may find yourself being held liable in the event of such occurrences.

Background Checks

All professional house cleaning services conduct thorough background checks and screenings before hiring employees. This is very important as it will give you peace of mind to know that the people who come into your house are people of integrity and people who have no criminal records or history of drug abuse.

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