Garage Cleaning

Have you been staring at the same clutter in your garage for too long? Garage Cleaning by DFW Cleaning Task Force will have you feeling like you added a new room to your house after we finish! We are proudly located in Burleson, Texas, and we are ready to tidy things up for you! 

We all have those items that just somehow ended up catching dust in the garage. You know, those things that we really don’t know where to put it so it just goes to the garage. It’s okay, we will help you get your items sorted so you can decide what to do with them. Once we have gotten everything out of the garage area then we can focus on deep cleaning.  

Do you have stains or maybe old spills in your garage? No worries, we will have everything cleaned up and stains removed to the best of our ability. We will scrub your space from top to bottom removing dust, dirt, and grime.  

You will be able to park your vehicle comfortably and with ease in your newly cleaned space! You may even realize you have the room to have a small work area to get that “to do” list finished up around the house.  

So, get ready to raise your garage door with pride! Contact DFW Task Force for your free no obligation quote!