Fall Cleaning 

Fall is almost here and it’s time to bring out the holiday decorations! It’s hard to get into the spirit of holiday decorations when your house is dirty and unorganized. Need some ideas for fall decorations to help get you into the spirit? This site has some great decorating tips! DFW Cleaning Task Force is here to help get your house back into shape with everything from light cleaning to deep cleaning! We can create a cleaning package just for you and schedule it  fall cleaning

To keep your home looking its best and keep you worrying about more important things. DFW Cleaning Task Force takes care of all the cleaning that we may not think about (or care to!). We can do light cleaning such as dusting and wiping down surfaces and more deep cleaning such as scrubbing baseboards and washing walls. We take care of all rooms and services such as 

  • Kitchen-from wiping and sanitizing surfaces to making sure all appliances are dust-free. 
  • Restroom-leave the toilet scrubbing to us. We will make sure your restroom is sparkling clean and sanitary. 
  • Bedroom-How nice is it to come home to clean sheets and a freshly made bed? 
  • Carpet-We can leave the cleanest carpet and most Zen-like vacuum lines you have ever seen! 
  • Hard Floor-We use a wood safe cleaner to make sure your floors are clean and preserved. 
  • Oven-The dreaded kitchen appliance, let us scrub your oven of all the dirt and grease. 
  • Refrigerator-Holidays are coming, make sure your fridge is clean and prepared with as much space as possible for that holiday ham. 
  • Dishwashing-Have a big party and dreading the dishes leftover? No worries we take care of that as well. 
  • Baseboard-Deep cleaning not your thing? We love doing the dirty work! 
  • LaundryYes, we even wash and fold/hang-up your laundry. 
  • Window-We can clean your homes windows inside and out. 
  • Garage-Get ready for the holidays by letting us help clean and organize your garage to make it easy to get to and store your decorations. 

DFW Cleaning Task Force offers a free hassle-free quote! Let us help you decide exactly what you need help with cleaning and how often you need it done! We can create a custom cleaning package just for you! Your guest will be impressed when they see how clean and organized your home is during the holidays and you will appreciate the time you save! 

Organizing organizing

DFW Cleaning Task Force can help you get your life organized. Let us help you create a more enjoyable space for you and your family to come home to and live in. With a little help, your home can be transformed into a functioning space that has a place for everything! Happy and organized homes create a more productive and happy family, contact us today to schedule your risk-free quote today and let DFW Cleaning Task Force help make your life’s chores a little easier.