Carpet Cleaning Tips

We agree that you take up dusting of your carpet on regular basis, but do you clean it on regular intervals. If you think that it is not important, then you are mistaken. In order to maintain the look, texture and durability of carpet installed on your floor, it is also necessary to take up its cleaning on a regular basis. This will also help you in maintaining hygiene of your family members specially children as they get in contact with carpet most often. We will brief you here with the proper carpet cleaning method through which you can take care of your valuable carpet installed on your floor.

Firstly clean the dirt and impurities from surface of carpet before cleaning it with water. Dust and dirt from your shoes settles on carpet daily. Cleaning a carpet directly with water can leave permanent stains on carpet; therefore you should vacuum the carpet so that the trapped soil and dust particles can be removed from the surface.

Read a few Carpet Cleaning Tips below

  • If the carpet is experiencing any fresh stain of food spill, grease or ink then blot it immediately using a paper towel. This will prevent spreading of stain to other areas.
  • Then apply a paste of baking soda and vinegar over the stain and let it get dry completely.
  • When the paste gets completely dry, brush it off from the carpet using soft bristle brush.
  • This step can be taken twice so that the stain gets completely lighten.
  • Then clean up the carpet with warm water and carpet shampoo of good brand.
  • After cleaning, make arrangements for its drying by turning on fans and air conditioners of the place.
  • When the carpet is completely dried out and after drying if it experiences some sort of odor then sprinkles a baking soda over it. Let it be there for a day and clean it by using vacuum cleaner on the next day.

This is one of the most easiest and effective method of cleaning carpets and rugs without using any chemical or bleach based products. This method does not require any prior training or knowledge about fabrics or cleaners as it simply involves natural cleaning products. So do try it once at your home and you will use it every time.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips

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