Burleson Commercial Cleaning 

Are you needing professional commercial cleaning in the Burleson, TX area? DFW Cleaning Task Force can make your commercial building spotless and organized. A clean office can boost productivity! This Site has some great research done on how having a clean office space for your employees can keep everyone happy and working more efficiently! Cleaning is everyone’s least favorite chore so let us take care of the messes while you take care of your business! DFW Cleaning Task Force offers several cleaning schedule options 

We would love to come out and give you a no hassle-free quote and help you find out what schedule would work best for your commercial cleaning needs. We can take care of messes large and small! 

  • Office– We can tidy up and even help organize to make sure you maximize and utilize your office space efficiently and keep you working proficiently. 
  • Breakroom The breakrooms in most office buildings are a place for employees to relax and enjoy their lunch. A dirty breakroom can feel uninviting but DFW Cleaning Task Force can remedy the issue and have your employees happy to come to work and relaxed on their break. 
  • Restroom– The most dreaded part of the office for employees to clean! Let us take care of the dirty work and have your restrooms sparkling clean and sanitary. 
  • Kitchen-If you have a kitchen area in your office, we can scrub it from microwave to stove top and have your kitchen back to new. 
  • Window– We do windows inside and out!  
  • Warehouse– That’s right we even clean and organize warehouse spaces! Let us help you organize and utilize your warehouse for more efficient storage space. 

Residential Cleaning 

Busy at work? Let DFW Cleaning Task Force take care of your residential cleaning needs too! Busy work schedules don’t often leave time for cleaning and organizing at home and when you have free time don’t waste it cleaning let us! Letting us clean your home leaves more time for family and friends and eases the stress of walking into a dirty unorganized home. We offer the same great cleaning schedule as our commercial cleaning and clean homes from top to bottom 

  • Kitchen– The most utilized room in most homes. Let us make sure it is clean and organized. 
  • Restroom– Restrooms shouldn’t feel unclean we can make sure yours is sparkling. 
  • Bedroom– Your bedroom should feel peaceful and calm when you come home from a long day! We can ensure you have clean sheets and pillows and even organize your closet. 
  • Carpet Nothing is more peaceful than professional vacuum lines! 
  • Hard Floor– We use the best safe hard floor cleaning to preserve your floors. 
  • Oven– Let us provide the elbow grease to tackle the most uncleaned part of the kitchen! 
  • Refrigerator– Often unorganized and rarely cleaned. Let us have your fridge organized and fresh! 
  • Dish Washing– Scrubbing is no fun but we sure enjoy it! 
  • Base Board– Someone has to clean baseboards and you bet we will! 
  • Laundry– Can you imagine a world where laundry cleans itself and puts itself away? We can be your personal laundry fairies! 
  • Window– Some new homes have tons of windows! Whether your home has 4 or 40 we can clean them all. 
  • Garage– The garage is the most loathed part to clean especially in the Texas summer but we don’t mind! 

Contact DFW Cleaning Task Force and schedule your free quote and let us start taking care of your commercial and residential cleaning needs!