Break Room Cleaning

Break Room Cleaning is essential to the health and safety of your employees. Let DFW Cleaning Task Force in Burleson, Texas come and clean up your break room area! We will get in there and vanquish the clutter and germs so that your workers can take a proper break. This will give them the incentive to do their best knowing that their employer really cares!  

We will keep your break room well maintained and in sanitary conditions. Your employees will feel confident eating their lunch or having that power snack before returning to work. A happy employee is a productive employee! 

You can expect that the trash bins will be empty, the floors will be mopped, and everything will get a good scrub down. This will keep your break room area not only clean but welcoming to those who enter. If you have a communal fridge we will wipe it out and get rid of any science projects that may be growing in there!  

We all know food preparation areas are a dangerous source of contamination! DFW Cleaning Task Force will take extra care to ensure that everything is properly sterilized to reduce the chance of illness for your employees. This will also improve your productivity knowing your workers are healthy and present! 

We also offer other types of Commercial Cleaning, including: 

Contact us today and let’s get your business squeaky clean! We offer a free no-obligation estimate! You can choose to set up a regular schedule or a one-time deep clean. However, we highly recommend a regular cleaning schedule to maintain a healthy environment.